My commitment

Definition of data and preliminary study

This step must last as long as it takes to find a good agreement with the client, so do not hesitate to do several preliminary studies with alternative solutions. We must end up with a predictable and reliable cost !

Design ideas

I have a reputation for each project to research and implement innovative design and production ideas. Only the visit of our references will make it possible to demonstrate this affirmation.

Project reviews

During our missions, we must involve our client and his collaborators as much as possible in “ project review ” meetings. The development and writing of the functional analysis must be part of the design stages of the project, this point is fundamental.

The technical process

For each project, it is necessary to have reliable operating and performance references for the choice of equipment. Process verification is essential through extensive simulation. The reliability of suppliers is of the utmost importance.

Infrastructures and superstructures

The different designs must be analyzed and compared from the start of the studies. Our powerful software is implemented and gives results of great technology.

Ensure rigorous follow-up

The follow-up and our rigorous control during the building sites bring a high quality of realization and a rapid industrial commissioning. Monitoring the cost of the work is a fundamental aspect.

Commissioning and production monitoring

I have a fundamental interest in following the progress of our clients in the operation of their project : The best example : The company LE MEN has entrusted me with its projects for 40 years.


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