General project management

Over the years, I have created a working method to ensure the best possible organization of a complete project management mission :

The preliminary study

which makes it possible to clearly define the data of the project, to research the general design and especially to establish the selected budget.

The General Design study

which allows the project to be defined in detail for consultation with companies. This step includes all the administrative procedures for a Building Permit with impact study and regulatory requests from classified Establishments.

The definition of the project

which makes it possible to define in detail each batch of works.

Assistance to works contracts

which allows the consultation of companies and the award of contracts.

The detailed design study

that allows a detailed update of the design by integrating data from contracts with companies

The studies during the realization

which make it possible to check all the execution documents before works and to allow the realization of the files of reconciliation with the execution plans of the suppliers

The works management which allows :

  • Plan and monitor the general work schedule
  • Carry out general coordination of companies
  • Check the contractual quality of the work performed
  • Organize site safety.
  • Maintenance of financial work files
  • Proceed to Acceptance of the Works
  • Carry out commissioning and operational tune-ups.
  • Constitute with the companies the documents of works carried out.

Existing installation audits and expertise

The various audits carried out to date are numerous and are very varied and adaptable to the needs of customers and situations :

  • Facility performance.
  • Organization of equipment operation.
  • Staff training.
  • Examination and expertise of production costs
  • Energy audits
  • Hygiene and safety audits.

Commissioning and development of realizations

The commissioning and fine-tuning of the installations are generally carried out by myself. Interventions during the warranty period and on-demand tune-up are possible.

Research to improve existing processes

I have often worked on several processes and machines to find solutions to the problems encountered but also to improve current processes : Example : precision of incorporation of micro-liquids in animal feed.

BET structure studies

I have developed the missions of BET, on increasingly complex projects, it is necessary to integrate the modeling and the design of infrastructures and superstructures from the first sketches of each project. This method makes it possible to adapt and evolve construction solutions during the design phase and results in more economical solutions : Example : floors completely prefabricated and painted in the factory for manufacturing towers.

The reliable quantities are therefore defined simultaneously with the design of the project and allow procurement without unpleasant surprises during the works. I am able to provide in detail all studies of metal structures or reinforced concrete.

Partial assistance missions

These missions are very diverse :

  • Technological research
  • Noise studies
  • Noise studies
  • Expertises


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